Mr. Bill Naas is our principal. He and his wife Laura moved to Tse Bonito in 2016 from Wisconsin where he was Associate Pastor at Maple Ridge Bible Church in Boscobel, WI. Mr. Naas earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from LeTourneau University in Longview, TX.

Mrs. Eleanor Olguin is our PreK-3 teacher. She has worked at Hilltop as a substitute and in our After School Care program since 2013.

Mrs. Virginia Pedro is our lead Preschool teacher having worked at Hilltop since 1990. Her clans are Coyote Pass (Ma’iideeshgiizhinii) and Bitter Water (Todich’ii’nii). She attended Northland Pioneer College for Early Childhood Education. She enjoys working with young children through Bible lessons, music, games, and lots of fun.

Ms. Nelson is our Kindergarten teacher. She is of the Towering House clan (kinyaanii) born to the Hopi (a yaa kini’ ), and her maternal grandfather is Salt clan (ashii hi). She has worked at Hilltop for 15 years as a preschool and kindergarten teacher and is the lead teacher of our After School Care program. She previously worked for Navajo Head Start, in the Fort Defiance Agency, for 16 years as center Supervisor and Head Teacher. She attended the University of New Mexico – Gallup Branch, in Early Childhood Development.

Mrs. Sara Everett is our 1st grade teacher. She and her husband Roger have been with Western Indian Ministries since 2014. She is originally from Joshua Tree, CA, and has also lived in Iowa and Maryland. She has taught almost every grade in Christian schools, and prefers the early grades because this is the foundation for learning. She currently holds teaching credentials in Iowa, California and with ACSI.

Mr. Roger Everett is our 3rd grade teacher and faculty administrator. Mr. Everett and his wife Sara have been with Western Indian Ministries since 2014. Mr. Everett has been an elementary principal in Christian schools for the last 30 years. Before that he taught in Kijabe, Kenya, for two years.

Mr. Ian Harriman came from the Phoenix area to teach at Hilltop Christian School in 2017. He  worked as a substitute teacher in the Chandler, Phoenix area schools.

Mr. Philip Mapes is our 5th/6th grade teacher. Mr. Mapes has been with Western Indian Ministries since 2015 having moved here from the Chicago area where he taught in Waukegan Public Schools.

Miss June Shroyer has been our Music Teacher since 2001. She received her Masters of Education degree from Southern Oregon College, then taught 20 years in public school before coming to work with Navajo children.

Miss Margaret Buhler is our resource teacher. She has taught faithfully at Hilltop Christian School since 2000, most of the time teaching fifth grade. Currently she teaches beginning Navajo, reading, writing, and summer school.

Mrs. Laura Naas is our librarian and computer teacher this year. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies/Missions from Calvary University in Kansas City, MO. She and her husband Bill moved from southwest Wisconsin to join Western Indian Ministries in August, 2016.

Ms. Sandra Largo has been our school secretary since 2011.

Ms. Grace Kee is our head cook. She has worked faithfully at Hilltop Christian School since 2002.

Mr. Brandon Nelson has been our school custodian since 2014.