Community Garden


We have created a school garden to supplement the existing learning methods the school provides.  A school garden will create many opportunities for the children by:

  • Awareness of nature and environment
  • Creative learning experience (senses, hands on approach, etc.)
  • Wellness & nutrition
  • Learn responsibility
  • Projects: Art, Math, Shapes, Colors, Spelling, Alphabet, etc.
  • Themed Gardens: butterfly, traditional, rainbow, etc.

We are welcoming donations for this project. We are in need of garden tools and supplies: shovels, spades, rakes, hoses, nozzle sprays, containers, gloves, and any other items that would be helpful in the garden. Please drop these off at the office so they can be labeled for the garden project. Top soil, compost, manure, concrete blocks, and other items for the beds would also be welcome.

Check out the Garden Blog page.

We really appreciate your support.